Remote M2M Operations

Machine-to-machine communications are invaluable when you’re looking to improve enterprise business processes, increase productivity and cut costs. We can help you use M2M to find more efficient ways to automate operations and processes and free up valuable manual resources.

Remote control, automation, real time – all are M2M solutions that help restructure and improve business relationships. They can allow you to replace regular service intervals with on-demand servicing. Rather than removing equipment from service for scheduled monthly maintenance, built-in diagnostics can schedule minor servicing to be done on an ad-hoc basis and record an ongoing audit trail of usage, defects and maintenance activities.

Tracking assets

Use M2M to track assets, and the recovery of one misplaced asset – especially if essential or expensive – can cover the installation and running costs of your whole tracking deployment. In addition, M2M solutions can help you respond to legislative directives, such as energy consumption and management, health and safety, and “lone worker” regulations.

For example, M2M is used by the utility sector to understand and control energy consumption through smart metering and, in the automotive industry, vehicle initiatives such as e-call will drive ongoing growth within the M2M market.

Benefits for the operations manager
  • reduce costs of your operations
  • remotely maintain and manage equipment
  • reduce energy consumption
  • increase productivity by automating tasks
  • create real-time dashboards and alerts
  • streamline information sharing and processes
  • save time
  • increase efficiency and reduce waste