We will lead you further to the Future together Today and tomorrow

We develop a new generation infrastructure with the goal of ensuring that 100% of Suriname can have coverage via the new ultra-broadband Satellite Network that will offer a reliable fast dedicated Internet service branded as “STRAIGHT-IP” casting the future. As we believe that digital technologies and innovations are the basis for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.CBC&P will continuous invest in Knowledge, Communication and Publication of Broadcasting our vision from City to City in Suriname and Abroad. With a start investment of +/- 1 million U$ dollars Building a Hub that can accommodate 60.000 customers , CBC&P can deliver cost effective communication services where of Suriname can benefit to develop rapidly it’s Economic growth.


To simplify the daily life there are new solutions: electronic payment systems, smart homes, electronic medical records and certified electronic mail in the healthcare and government sectors, for the schools interactive multimedia whiteboards and web-based learning environments. For businesses, advanced platforms for cloud computing for the virtualization of applications and infrastructures, a vast selection of applications for storing and managing data or controlling energy consumption, products and software to enhance the use of digital signatures.


For everyone, digital technology means to be always connected and access services and digital content – games, e-books, music and films, all constantly enriched with premium contents – with ease and safety; all of this seamlessly on computers, smartphones, tablets or other devices.

Through that we promote a vision of innovation and technology as social enablers, supporting projects in the fields of digital education and cultural innovation. Our company’s social and environmental commitment, is to be included among the most important and selective Sustainability indexes worldwide of making a brand for the future.

Communication is freedom. Freedom to communicate.

In the 21st century only those who can share ideas and experience are really free to pursue their aspirations. And to think big. And only a group who think big can actually promote progress and prosperity, ensuring the full freedom to communicate.
Always. Anywhere. Better.

Connected to life. Always. Anywhere. Better.

We put the best broadband satellite networks at the service of the needs of anyone, ensuring the best quality and safety in the experience of content, supported by a competent and qualified service, accessible across all channels, online and offline.

Our Vision

“A business’s long-term survival and success depends on its ability to build and sustain trust.”

What is the contribution of businesses to the economy, society and the environment? Which values do they bring in their operations?   Trust, the first chapter of our company profile.


Today, companies must be ready to meet the expectations of those consumers that are socially responsible and concerned with protecting the environment, such as the “Millennials”- young people aged 18-30 years that do not trust big business and disapprove of the concentration of wealth, and demand simplicity and transparency in product and service offerings as well as communication 2.

for years in which  consumers’ trust in businesses gradually declined, in 2014 the trend reversed, and this continued also in 2015  and with the start that we of CBC&P  made ,we like Consumers to believe and  Thrust  our Businesses and services as we will lead them in to the Future.

Establishing a fiduciary relationship with customers is complex and becomes a key strategic goal for companies, as showed by the commitment to, and investments in, transparency policies, brand reputation, and Corporate Social Responsibility.


A new equivalence model

“To maintain sustainable economic development, we need to shift our focus from speed to quality” 5


The transformation of the way people relate to each other in the digital age is affecting both individuals and companies. In the telecoms industry, the opportunities for discussion and collaboration among the various players have grown in number and importance; above all, they will represent the way to improve service quality and efficiency.


This is why we created a new equivalence model: a project to transform how we provide and maintain access services of our Broadband Satellite network, in order to ensure equivalence of inputs between CBC&P and other Internet service providers. The goal is ensuring that our structures and those of other providers are treated equally. This is why provision and maintenance operations will be carried out using the same organizational unit, processes, systems, and databases. This will ensure a consistent level of transparency, service quality, response time internally and externally, and flexibility.


The opportunities for economic development associated with the internet also bring new security challenges. The digital opening to international markets makes IT systems more vulnerable to attacks by criminals, hackers or terrorists seeking to disrupt them to illicitly obtain personal or business information.

Developing new capabilities and instruments to improve Suriname  cybersecurity is a national challenge of importance for the sake and security of individuals, companies, and the civil service.


Several countries are implementing national strategic plans that bring together the public and the private sector, as well as the research community, to bolster the defenses of the “highly sensitive” infrastructure of governmental organizations, companies and individuals against cyber-attacks. The global IT security market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 7.9% from today to 2019